The Facebook We Love is Going Bye Bye

If you are a CrackBook addict like I am you may have just gone into withdrawal after reading the title of this post. Five minutes ago I too was in cold sweats, tears were flowing down my cheeks, and I was  frantically checking all my fan pages to ensure that I was still in favor of every bodily function under the sun.

Now, five minutes later, the cold sweats are gone, my beautiful yet masculine cheeks are dried, and I still am a fan of breathing. Yes, Facebook is still here but it is quickly becoming something foreign and frightening.

If you compared the Facebook of today to its 2003/2004 counterpart you would immediately notice stark differences. Not only would it be called TheFacebook but there would be no thirteen year olds bragging about getting slurred over the weekend, no multi colored calves being found in Farmville, and there definitely would be no live feed showing every thought that came to your “friend’s”  mind.

Instead you would find a network of university, primarily Ivy League, students communicating openly to each other. You know when people say the good old days? Well for Facebook these were those days. During this period Facebook was a private and exclusive social network of real friends that met, partied, and studied together on a regular basis. This is why there was a large level of trust and openness between its users.

Unfortunately, this culture of trust and openness remained even after the reason for it disappeared. In 2005 Facebook took, what Mark Zuckerberg referred to as, the next logical step and opened itself to all highs schools and then to anybody over the age of thirteen.

Mark Zuckerberg

As one prophetic, albeit drunk, college student said “it was a sign that the end times were near.”

He was right. Now individual’s information is shared not just with their friends, but with their friend’s friends, their fellow players of mafia, their future bosses, a random individual in the same group as them, and now everybody that has the same application as them.

The privacy and exclusiveness that made Facebook popular in the first place has all but disappeared and Mark Zuckerberg believes that this is perfectly alright. The creator of Facebook has deemed being public as the new social norm and has already set forth in making this so.

Recently Facebook attempted to change its terms of use to say that every picture uploaded to your profile is property of Facebook Inc. and can be used by them in any way they want. An online free service that aids individuals in deleting their profile, suicide machine, was banned by Facebook over a month ago and networks, which provide some privacy and exclusiveness, are scheduled to be removed.

The good ole days of Facebook are essentially gone and you know what? I kinda liked those days. Didn’t you?

    • Ms. FB addict
    • January 26th, 2010

    Yea, it’s weird because I keep saying I like the old Facebook better. But I’m not even sure what version I’m referring too. There have been so many changes over the years. I no longer kid myself with joining those groups to return the “old Facebook”. We all know that’s never gonna happen.

      • Another Day On Facebook
      • January 26th, 2010

      I do not believe Facebook will ever return back to the way it once was. Actually I feel as if it will end up like Myspace.

      What I do believe is that new services and websites will spring up to fill in the privacy gap that Facebook has now created.

  1. I totally concur with ‘Ms. FB Addict’. We are so use to Facebook and no matter what we some how adjust to all the change because we have learned to rely on it’s networking connects … smh…

    I have noticed that I do not upload pics as much anymore … whatcha gonna do.

      • stephania
      • June 1st, 2010

      hi hope u enjoy summer cause in Barkly West is cold

    • RembrOldFB
    • January 26th, 2010

    How timely – I just met someone a couple days that works at FB and they told me things there have changed there internally over the past few years for the worst so what we’re seeing is quite possibly a reflection of that.

    • Jasmin
    • January 26th, 2010

    What was once a social networking tool for college students is now a multimillion dollar empire, that advertisers are willing to pay for in order to gain access FB members. Zuckberg like most entrepreneurs, pray that their businesses will grow more public, which thereby generates success, profits, and notoriety for his company and himself. But doing so he has lost the original objective of facebook, in exchange for money and fame.

      • Another Day On Facebook
      • January 27th, 2010

      From what I have read it seems that Zuckerberg thinks of himself less as a businessman and more as a “visionary.” He sees Facebook as a way to ensure that the idea of openness becomes accepted in society.

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