Facebook Privacy VS A Lack of Common Sense

I promised all you readers, and I quote, a “comprehensive guide to not only protecting your information on Facebook but also preventive measures that will ensure your information does not get leaked to your friend’s friends”, and as of now that is probably not what you are going to get. Insert your righteous indignation, but before you click backspace, hear me out.

There is an adage among programmers that says there is no way to make a perfect program because it is impossible to make anything idiot proof. I am here on my humble, yet majestic blog to apologize for the bait and switch and then proceed to switch on you. I tried, oh how my tender soul tried, for three whole days to come up with a guide which would ensure that a lack of common sense was continuously over ridden by Facebook’s privacy settings. At the end of these three days, when the arduous task forced me to collapse in sheer exhaustion, I stared into the sky and saw a shining light. It was an angel, sent by God himself, bestowing upon me what I like to call “Common Sense.”  Below is the holy Text.


  1. Do not add everybody you met over the weekend. Half of these people were inebriated and if they weren’t they probably would not have liked you. They are not really your friends and because of this they will probably tag you in every picture that will cause you to lose your job, scholarship, and morals.
  2. Stop being lazy and create categories for the friends you did add. We all have those people on our friends list that we cannot delete because if we did we know they would know who deleted them. Instead of giving up and allowing them to see all your information set up categories that provide restricted access to your profile. If you do not know how to do this visit Mashable


  1. Never click allow if you don’t actually like the application. When an application page says “Allowing [Insert Choice Application] access will let it pull your profile information, photos, your friends’ info, and other content that it requires to work.” It means that if you click allow it will be able to pull your profile information, photos, your friend’s info, and other content that it requires to work.

Default Privacy Settings

  1. Change your profile privacy from default. According to the most recent class action lawsuit against Facebook, After the revision to Facebook’s layout, the information that Facebook makes publicly available by default includes user names, photos, friend’s listing, the names of any organizations and products that a user might support, as well as geographic data and other information

If you still need a guide to all the intricacies that are Facebook security settings the links are below.

Application Privacy

10 Facebook Privacy Settings Everybody Should know

Guide to new Facebook Home Page

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