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Social Media, Narcissism, Antelopes, and the Florida Gators

A wise man, once said that posting a status on Facebook is like putting a bumper sticker on your car.  Yes, hundreds of people will see it. They will chuckle, ignore it, or honk in fury. But no matter what they will most likely make an illegal left hand turn, almost hit a small child, drive a way, and forget about you and your witty bumper slogans. The fact of the matter is that social media, in all its wonderful ability to connect, really is just an outlet for our ego.

Take this blog and post for instance. By its mere existence I am saying that my words and efforts are worth being read by you, the reader, who could probably better spend their time increasing the Facebook agricultural output through Farmville. To go further you could say that I am in fact robbing your friends from the multitude of Farmville updates that notify them that there is an orphaned antelope in your chicken coop and that it is their duty to save it. That is right I am depriving orphaned antelopes a chance at a better life.

Now that I have got your attention and you have reported me to PETA, here comes the whole point of this post. I want you to email me. Not because I want to sell your email address to advertising companies but because I want to hear your stories about social media. What do you love? What do you hate? What are your concerns? Tell me the story about how you wish you could have prevented those New Year photos from surfacing or how you don’t understand why it is acceptable to poke strangers on Facebook but not in real life. Email me at and I will respond. You never know, I may even feature your letter on the blog.

Another Day On Facebook


Thursday Friday February 11th I will be on the University of Florida’s campus, interviewing students for a blog post that will be up early next week. So don’t only share this blog, which you should be doing if you chuckled at least once, but stay tuned and check back next week to see UF student’s response to the following question.

“If you walked into an interview and the first thing the interviewer did was hand you a laptop and say open your Facebook. What would he/she see?”

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