Why Just Another Day on Facebook?

Every day, for me at least, turns out to be simply another day on Facebook. If I am not in class, work, or a party I am online “Facebooking” it up.

All of this time spent checking  messages, chatting with friends, stalking scorned lovers, and reestablishing street credibility in Mafia Wars has led me to realize one thing. Facebook is not merely another cyber community or even just an extension of our real lives. Instead it is a set of lenses that allows one to view life, people, and society differently. Because of this I decided to create a blog. Another Day on Facebook is a continuous exposé on the community in which more that 350 million individuals choose to participate in everyday. Sometimes the blog will be humorous; other times it will be serious but no matter what this blog will chronicle another day on Facebook.

  1. February 12th, 2010

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